Discovering Your Extremity

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What are the possible trick names?
Discovering Your Extremity
Discovering Your Extremity

You find yourself at the top of a ridge on the eXtreme Slope, a vast expanse of snow-white snow below you.

"Maybe," you think to yourself, "these clowns are onto something. Maybe I should give this whole eXtreme snowboarding thing a shot."

You jump onto the slope and begin picking up speed. You tentatively do a jump, then a couple of spins, and as your confidence builds you start grinding on fallen logs and seeking out slaloms and stuff.

Near the bottom of the slope, you hit a ramp, fly 20 feet into the air, and find yourself doing a <random trick> -- a trick! An authentic, actual, honest-to-Shaun snowboard trick!

You begin to glow red, and a booming voice shouts "EXTREME!" from somewhere far above you. Huh.

Occurs at The eXtreme Slope in eXtreme Cold-Weather Gear as part of the Mt. McLargeHuge Quest.


  • Adds the "Extreme Meter" to your charpane:


  • The Shaun invoked in the phrase "honest-to-Shaun" is snowboarder Shaun White.
  • All 3 eXtreme adventures reference the game SSX Tricky, a downhill snowboarding game for the PS2 with ridiculous trick names and a power meter, including a husky voice that would shout "Extreme!" when you performed a trick (your character would glow).