Disco Concentration

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Disco Concentration

Disco Concentration

You're filled with disco of such intensity that your perception is focused and enhanced to superhuman levels. Especially your perception of stuff laying on the ground.

+20% Item Drops from Monsters

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Effect number: 278
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Obtained From

Footprints.gif Disco Eye-Poke Disco Dance of Doom Disco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo
Equals.gif Disco Concentration (1 adventure)

You poke your opponent in the eye. It does X damage, and causes some confusion.

You follow up your eye-poke with a little bit of old-school disco dancing. In the process, you elbow your opponent for Y damage, and leave him reeling.

You finish up your routine with an adept boogaloo, dealing Z damage.


  • Disco Combos were removed during the Disco Bandit class revamp of October 21, 2013.

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