Dirty Laundry

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Dirty Laundry
Dirty Laundry

This trophy is earned by having exactly 13 spooky pirate skeletons in your closet.

Dirty Laundry You're entitled to the "Dirty Laundry" Trophy, for having an appropriate number of skeletons in your closet.


  • The filename for the little graphic, "kick_em_when_theyre_up.gif" and the name of the trophy, "Dirty Laundry", are references to the Don Henley song, "Dirty Laundry," from the 1982 album I Can't Stand Still. The song is about unscrupulous newspeople doing anything for a story.
  • "Skeletons in the closet" is a colloquial phrase used to describe an undisclosed fact about someone which, if revealed, would have a negative impact on perceptions of the person. This is a synonym for having "dirty laundry".