Dinseylandfill Employee Manual

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Welcome to Dinseylandfill, new employee! This is a quick guide to turn you into the ultimate amusement park worker!


There is one store in Dinseylandfill, and the only currency accepted are FunFunds™. You can earn these by completing assignments, or by disposing of garbage.


All quests give you 3 FunFunds™ upon completion. Although two are offered every day, only 1 assignment can be completed. Don't forget to return to the Employee Assignment Kiosk for a performance review!

  • Barf Mountain assignments: A prime tourist attraction, Barf Mountain assignments are based on placating guests and maintaining the track.
  • Toxic Teacups assignments: The Teacups may spin wildly, but there's nothing too chaotic about these assignments.
  • Uncle Gator's Country Fun-Time Liquid Waste Sluice assignments: This attraction's age is showing, so certain ...elements... may need removing.
    • Bear Removal: Shoo away 8 Nasty bears from the place. They're quite strong, and get even tougher when angered!
    • Racism Reduction: Spend 15 adventures removing offensive elements of the ride. This can be done when "maintaining" the animatronics.
  • Pirates of the Garbage Barges assignments: you may not have to walk the plank into this river of garbage, but you'll sure have to handle the stank. And its sources, for that matter.
    • Waterway Debris Removal: Equip the trash net and fish out 20 pieces of garbage from the ride.
    • Sexism Reduction: Spend 15 adventures removing offensive elements of the ride. This can be done when "interacting" with the actors.

Note that if you accept a quest, but do not finish it that same day, you can finish the the day after and still accept a new quest.

Additionally, there is a daily reward of 3 FunFunds™ for disposing waste.


The Maintenance Tunnels

There are various settings that can be fiddled with to modify parts of each ride. The rooms are locked, however, and must be opened by exploring their respective zones:

With the Dinsey Maintenance Manual, additional options unlock:

The Cryo-Stasis Facility

Though mentioned in his autobiography, the enigmatic founder of Dinseylandfill is said to have been preserved for the future. The method in which he has been preserved is quite irregular, however...

In order to access the Cryo-Stasis chamber in the maintenance tunnels, one keycard is required from each Dinseylandfill attraction.

Underneath the storage facilities lie Wart Dinsey himself! Well, just his brain in a Dinsey mecha. Obviously the battle-suit is built to last, so anyone brave enough to confront Wart may need to use some unconventional strategies...

Elemental International Airport (Duty Free Shop)
Spring Break Beach
Conspiracy Island
That 70s Volcano
The Glaciest