Dinsey Whinskey

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Dinsey Whinskey
Dinsey Whinskey

Dinseyland only serves alcohol in one place, and also only one kind of alcohol.

Type: booze (EPIC)
Potency: 2
Level required: 5
Selling Price: 66 Meat.
Effect: The Dinsey Spirit (30 Adventures)+40% Item Drops from Monsters
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: bottles of Dinsey Whinskey)
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Item number: 8248
Description ID: 117634063
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Obtained From

The Dinsey Company Store (2 FunFunds™)

When Consumed

You drink the whinskey and are filled with whimsy -- a special kind of whimsy that is indistinguishable from avarice.
AdventuresYou gain 10 Adventures. (avg. 10)
You gain 18 Strongness.
You gain 13 Enchantedness.
You gain 14 Cheek.
Dinsey2.gifYou acquire an effect: The Dinsey Spirit
(duration: 30 Adventures)
You gain 2 Drunkenness.


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