Dining In (the Castle)

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Dining In (the Castle)
Dining In (the Castle)

You are in the massive dining room of the castle. A table stretches as far as you can see, bedecked with candles and the remains of a decades-old meal.

If the dreadful roast has not been claimed this instance:

Curiously, what appears to be an entirely unspoiled chunk of raw Meat sits near the end of the table.

Grab the roast
You grab the massive roast and shove it in your pocket. You never know when a big chunk of raw meat will come in handy.
Dv meat.gifYou acquire an item: dreadful roast

(Only one roast per instance; this option will disappear if the roast has been taken)

Clear the dishes
You clear the nastiest dishes from the table by dumping them down the laundry chute. After a moment, you guiltily return to the chute and shout "Sorry, laundrymen." into it.

(No more Stench monsters will appear in the castle)

Levitate up to the rafters
You float up to the rafters and find a wax banana -- somebody must've been angry that it wasn't a real banana, and tossed it up here in protest.
Dv banana.gifYou acquire an item: wax banana

If someone else has already obtained the wax banana in this instance:

You float up to the rafters, but find them barren of anything interesting. Yes -- there aren't even any bananas. (this does not end the turn, stay at this menu)

No thanks, I'll eat somewhere else
You head back to the great hall.

Occurs at This Hall is Really Great in Dreadsylvanian Castle.


  • The "Grab the roast" option is only available if nobody has claimed a roast this instance.
  • The "Levitate up to the rafters" option is only available as a mysticality class.


  • The message when the wax banana has already been obtained is a reference to the 1922 Broadway song, Yes! We Have No Bananas.