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Type: Combat
MP Cost: 5-20

Your Source terminal has taught you how to make temporal copies of a foe and paste them into the future of your specific TPU thread.

Copy an enemy and paste it into your future

Source: Source Terminal: educate digitize.edu
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Staggers and causes the opponent to appear as a wandering monster
When Used:
You quickly copy the monster and then paste her into the future several times.

Against monsters that can't be copied:

This monster's encryption is too strong for you to copy it.


Looks like you must have hit CTRL+V, because that <monster> you had copied is here, and ready to rumble.
  • Wandering monsters will be scheduled for 7 turns after using this skill, then following appearances after 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. turns after the previous wanderer. For example, the first copy will appear 7 turns after using the skill, the second after 27, then 57, and so on (assuming all turns are spent in locations where copies can show up). Rollover will stop the monster from appearing as a wanderer.
  • Casting the skill again resets this counter even if the monster is the same.
  • The number of copies is only limited by turns spent.
  • Can originally be cast once per day, but gains an additional cast with the tradable Source terminal TRIGRAM chip and the extrudable Source terminal TRAM chip for a total of 3 casts per day.
  • The MP cost of this skill depends on the amount of SPAM and ASHRAM chips installed in your Source Terminal. SPAM chips decrease it by 1 MP each up to a maximum of 10 installed, whereas an ASHRAM chip decreases it by 5 MP with it only being possible to install one.
  • Some possible in-run uses of the digitize skill are as follows: Modern zmobies, Witchess Pieces (free fights for burning delay), Lobsterfrogmen, Dairy goats, and assorted monsters from the Level 11 quest.


  • Prior to an update on July 11, 2016, the delay for the first monster appearance was 5-10, then following appearances followed the formula 15 + 10 X + (0-10) where X is the number of times the wandering monster had appeared, or 25-35, 35-45, 45-55, 55-65 ...