Dickory Farms Gift Basket

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Dickory Farms Gift Basket
Dickory Farms Gift Basket

This is the last refuge of the unthoughtful gift giver. It clearly says, "all I know about you is that you need food to survive."

Fortunately, it's also a basket full of delicious sausage and cheese, so that kind of soothes the pain of receiving an impersonal present.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: Dickory Farms Gift Baskets)
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Item number: 4882
Description ID: 957485002
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Obtained From

Stores (as gift)
CRIMBCO Gift Shop (100 CRIMBCO scrip)

When Used

You pull the cellophane off the Dickory Farms Gift Basket and help yourself to the contents. Including the weird fake grass they put in there for some reason.
Festsausage.gifYou acquire 2 links of festive sausage
Cheeselog.gifYou acquire 2 logs of holiday cheese
Fakegrass.gifYou acquire an item: fake plastic grass


  • Parody of Hickory Farms specialty food gift baskets (that normally contain things like summer sausage, cheeses, etc. packed in plastic grass-like materials).


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