Devour Minions

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Devour Minions

Devour Minions

Type: Combat
Zombie Cost: 4

Because sometimes you're really really hungry and there's all these slow-walking fleshbags hanging around and you know you shouldn't really but graaaaaaaaagh.

Consume some of your zombies to restore more health
Upgrades Bite Minion to cure negative effects

Source: An Open Grave
Price: N/A
Class: Zombie Master
Level: Hunger of the Zombie 6
Effect: Sacrifice 4 zombies to gain HP. Allows Bite Minion to cure negative effects.
When Used:
You grab some nearby zombies by the necks and bash their skulls together until the delicious brains come out. It's atrociously tasteriffic!
HPYou gain some hit points.


  • Is actually both a Combat and Noncombat skill.
  • Restores half of your max HP (rounded down) or 20 HP, whichever is greater.

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