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detective skull
detective skull

This is a talking skull. It's pretty smart, and it uses its powers of deduction to solve mysteries.

This thing could probably provide all sorts of useful information.

Type: off-hand item
Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: detective skulls)
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Item number: 178
Description ID: 508285829
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Wad.gif smart skull disembodied brain  
Wad.gif brainy skull gnoll lips
Equals.gif detective skull


  • Throughout combat, the skull tells you approximately what your enemy's HP currently is (within 5% HP in either direction).
  • It is easy to "abuse" the skull: within a fight, just choose the Inventory menu. You get the "You twiddle your thumbs" message, but the fight enters a new round (without any harm being done) and the skull gives you a new approximation. Doing this a few times will quickly enable you to derive the exact number of HP of your enemy and it will also prove the statement in the previous note.
  • There exists both a clockwork and a defective version of this item.
  • Similarly, Dwarvish War Uniform equipment can provide monster stats during combat.
  • If you are in a clan with a Speakeasy, the skull will rarely give you part of the Sockdollager password:
Your Detective Skull's eyes glow yellow and it murmurs "The dame said... That dame... She... She said... <word>..."

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  • The hat and pipe worn by the detective skull are derived from the stereotypical attire of Sherlock Holmes, despite the fact that he never wore them in the books.


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