Despite All Your Rage

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Despite All Your Rage
Despite All Your Rage

You're walking down one of the myriad sewer tunnels when you sense danger -- and not the danger that exists between your first and last names, but real, palpable danger.

All of a sudden, you hear a rattling of chains above you, and before you can even look upwards, a rusty cage drops from the ceiling and traps you. You look around for your captor, and see him -- it's one of the C. H. U. M.s, muttering and drooling as he inspects his latest catch (which is you, in case you haven't been paying attention.)

He drags you down a side tunnel and leaves you in a darkened alcove. You survey the situation, and the survey doesn't take very long, because the cage is pretty small. The results of your survey: You're stuck in a cage. The bars don't seem to be particularly strong, but they're thick -- you think you could probably gnaw through them, but it would take a while (and you'd probably desperately need dental attention afterwards.) Barring that (ha ha, get it? barring?) you could wait and see if anybody in your clan comes to your rescue. Do you think you're popular enough for that to be a reasonable option?

Gnaw through the bars (10 Adventures)

You gnaw through the bars on the cage.


You don't have time to gnaw through the bars. Guess you're gonna have to sleep here, or wait for somebody to come rescue you.


You get out your salt shaker and get ready to gnaw through the bars, but then your clanmate <clanmate> comes down the ladder and unlocks the door of the cage. Huzzah!

Wait for rescue

If rescued by a clanmate:

You bang on the bars and yell for help, and before long, your clanmate <clanmate> climbs down the ladder and unlocks the cage for you. Sweet freedom!

If Hobopolis has been reflooded:

You bang on the bars and yell for help. Soon you hear something coming down the tunnel toward you. Your heart lifts at the thought of rescue, but then sinks as you realize that the sound isn't a helpful clanmate, but a torrential flood of sewage. (You can tell how it would be easy to confuse the two.)

Cage and all, you shoot out of the sewer like the cork from the world's nastiest bottle of champagne.


You bang on the bars and yell for help, but nobody hears you. You're sad and lonely...

You're still trapped in this filthy cage.

Occurs at A Maze of Sewer Tunnels.


  • To be freed, a clanmate needs to choose the Ladder option of the adventure The Former or the Ladder.
  • Only one member of the clan can be trapped in the cage at a time. By allowing themselves to be trapped for a time, one player can allow the rest to adventure unimpeded.
  • If trapped, you cannot do anything else except check your quest log from the top panel. You cannot check your inventory, look at your options menu, use a skill, visit the mall, adventure in the sewers... you can't do anything.
  • The game does not allow you to adventure in the sewers with less than 10 adventures specifically to prevent you from being stuck in this adventure overnight.
  • As this is a superlikely adventure, you cannot attempt to ignore the cage by using Combat Frequency to get 0% NCs.
  • When trapped, an announcement will be posted in the channel /hobopolis:
Dungeon: <clanmate> has been imprisoned by the C. H. U. M.s!
  • When freed, an announcement will be posted in the channel /hobopolis:
Dungeon: <other clanmate> has rescued <clanmate> from the C. H. U. M.s.
  • When you free yourself by gnawing through the cage, an announcement will be posted in the channel /hobopolis:
Dungeon: <clanmate> escaped from the C. H. U. M.s by gnawing through their cage.