Desert sightseeing pamphlet

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desert sightseeing pamphlet
desert sightseeing pamphlet

"Sun, Sand, & Sightseeing" is a tourism brochure title that, while sounding more suited to the beach than the desert, is still perfectly accurate -- there's plenty of sand, almost more sun than you can handle, and there's at least two different sights to see: the sun, and the sand. Hopefully the map inside this thing will help you find a third thing to look at, because you're getting pretty sick of the first two.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: desert sightseeing pamphlets)
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Item number: 6854
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Obtained From

Gnasir's Place
A Sietch in Time

When used


You look at the map on the pamphlet, and learn to recognize a bunch of desert landmarks. Then you eat the pamphlet and learn to digest a bunch of pictures of desert landmarks.
Desert exploration +15%

Or if you've discovered A Small Pyramid:

This pamphlet is pretty useless to you now that you've completely explored the desert, so you just throw it away.