Dependence Day

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Today is Dependence Day!
Go get some fireworks at the Market, and celebrate!
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"Under the benevolent reign of King Ralph III, peace had reigned in the Kingdom for decades. The peasants prospered and became middle class, the middle class prospered and became wealthy, and the wealthy voluntarily gave all of their wealth to charity and became peasants. The cycle of wealth re-distribution was overseen by King Ralph's noble royal army, who facilitated all the exchanges and collected a modest pittance for the royal coffers. Unlike other extravagant monarchs, Ralph had only one solid-chrome swimming pool, and his vault full of meat was barely full enough for wading, let alone full-on bathing.

So all was well in the Kingdom, until a malcontent by the name of Frank Vivala began agitating for revolution. Vivala, it is widely believed, was jealous because King Ralph was more handsome than he was; in addition, Vivala may have also been suffering some sort of degenerative mental disease brought on by sexual promiscuity. In any case, Vivala claimed it was unfair for the King to collect taxes without letting the general populace have a say in how the country was governed. Apparently in addition to his other flaws, Vivala was unclear on the definition of the word "monarchy."

Despite King Ralph's repeated requests for him to knock it off and act reasonably, Vivala rounded up a rag-tag band of insurrectionists and engaged in a few acts of domestic terrorism, most notably dumping an entire shipment of herbal tea into the harbor. The peaceful, tea-loving denizens of the Kingdom were outraged, and pressured the normally peaceful and diplomatic King to put a stop to the rebellion.

On Bor the 4th in the second year of the Blender of the reign of King Ralph the III, the royal army soundly defeated Vivala's annoying and ill-mannered revolution. Vivala escaped into the mountains to live a solitary life of reflection, his band of terrorists thoroughly routed.

Thereafter, on every 4th of Bor the citizens of Loathing light fireworks and celebrate how wonderful it is to have a King who cares about them and takes care of the boring business of keeping things running smoothly. The celebration is commonly known as Dependence Day. With King Ralph XI imprismed, it's more important than ever to make merry on Bor the 4th, unless you're some kind of treacherous Vivala sympathizer."


Special Items

At The Market, you may buy fireworks for 300 Meat each:

Firework Effect (50 Adventures)
Dynamite.gif M-242 Adrenaline Rush Muscle +100%
Bor3snake.gif snake Sneaky Serpentine Subtlety Moxie +100%
Bor3sparkler.gif sparkler Sparkling Consciousness Mysticality +100%

Between Dependence Day LII (which was also St. Sneaky Pete's Day LXIV) and Dependence Day LXIII, green rockets have also been sold, amidst green explosions on the main map.

Bottlerocket.gif green rocket
Clover.gifYou acquire 3 ten-leaf clovers


  • You can only use one firework every Dependence day, even after the old effect has worn off. Attempting to use a second firework within the same ascension (but after the first firework's effect has ended) yields the message "You've already celebrated the Fourth of Bor, and now it's time to get back to work."
  • You may use another firework after ascending.
  • Attempting to use a firework on any day other than Dependence day yields the message "Sorry, but these particular fireworks are illegal on any day other than the Fourth of Bor. And the law is a worthy institution, and you should respect and obey it, no matter what."
  • Dependence Day II also occurred "one day late" for the 4th of July.


  • A revolution started by Frank Vivala could be called the Vivala Revolution. This is a pun on the Spanish phrase "Viva La Revolución".
  • The reference to Vivala and his followers dumping herbal tea into the harbor is a reference to the Boston Tea Party.
  • The "mental disease brought on by sexual promiscuity" is likely to be syphilis. This is most likely a reference to Napoleon Bonaparte, who in 1799 staged a coup d'état and assumed power in France. It is conjectured that he may have died of syphilis.
  • The swimming through meat likely references Scrooge McDuck who likes to swim through his gold.
  • Bor 4th relates to the real-life American Independence Day, which falls on July 4th. Bor is the 7th month of the KoL year, as July is in the real world, making this holiday equivalent to July 4th in the realm.
  • Dependence Day, or "D-Day", was released just after rollover on June 6th, which coincides with the launch of the Battle of Normandy in 1944, also referred to as "D-Day". It should be noted that the 1944 D-Day was slated to launch on June 5 but was delayed due to bad weather. KoL's D-Day would have normally been released Tuesday, June 5th, but was delayed to June 6th to coincide with the 4th of Bor holiday.

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