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This is a can of Orc Spirit aerosol deodorant. The Orcish sorority girls wear this to make their armpits smell less bad. Y'know, like how an open sewer smells less bad than a large open sewer?

Remember: If it smells like Orc Spirit, it's sure to entertain us. Like a mosquito, or an albino.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 65 Meat.
Effect: Fresh Scent (10 Adventures)Monsters will be less attracted to you

(In-game plural: cans of deodorant)
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Item number: 1301
Description ID: 119071035
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Obtained From

Orcish Frat House
Orcish Frat Boy (Music Lover)
Orcish Frat Boy (Paddler)
Orcish Frat Boy (Pledge)

When Used

You spray the deodorant under your arms. Fresh!
Happy.gifYou acquire an effect: Fresh Scent
(duration: 10 Adventures)

with Musk of the Moose:

Stench.gifYou lose an effect: Musk of the Moose

with Hippy Stench:

Stench.gifYou lose an effect: Hippy Stench


  • The line "it smells like Orc Spirit" from the item description is a play on the Nirvana song "Smells Like Teen Spirit." It is followed by "it's sure to entertain us," which is similar to repeated lyrics in the refrain of the same song: "Here we are now / Entertain us." "Like a mosquito, or an albino" also refers to the refrain, which contains the lyrics "A mulatto, an albino / a mosquito, my libido."


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