Dense liana

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Dense liana
Monster ID 1426
Locations A Massive Ziggurat, An Overgrown Shrine
Hit Points 150
Attack 144
Defense 140
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum plant
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts unknown
exotic jungle fruit
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
dense liana You're fighting a dense liana

Before you can get where you're going, you're gonna have to hack through this curtain of vines, which are a slightly different shade of green than the grass that carpets the jungle floor.

This shouldn't be a big deal.

Hit Message(s):

You try to do a cool Tarzan trick and swing around on one of the vines, but you fall off and bruise your <ear>. Ugh!

A wasp flies out from behind one of the vines and stings you. Eek!

You stub your toe on a rock. Ow!

Critical Hit Message:

One of the vines wraps itself around your neck and squeezes, biting you with its tiny fangs as it does so. Wait, that wasn't a vine. It was a snake hiding in the vines. Eek! Ugh!

Miss Message(s):

The vines slowly draw carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into oxygen.

A leaf slowly falls from one of the vines and lands on your foot. It doesn't hurt at all.

The vines grow larger. Very slowly. Too slow for you to watch, in fact.

Fumble Message:

The vines sit motionless. You know. Like vines. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Junglefruit.gifYou acquire an item: exotic jungle fruit
You gain 62? <substat>.

Occurs at An Overgrown Shrine and A Massive Ziggurat.


  • If you have any machete equipped (e.g. the antique machete), instead of fighting, the following text is displayed:
    It shouldn't be and it isn't, because you came prepared, armed with a machete. You make short work of the vines and proceed through the ruin-strewn jungle.
    • Equipping your Disembodied Hand with a machete won't have this effect, as will equipping the machete in your off-hand.
    • Killing the liana with a machete does not consume an adventure, but your familiar can act (e.g. drop an item) and will gain experience.


  • Originally fighting the liana with a machete equipped did trigger trigger auto-fight. This was changed August 29, 2013.