Denim Axes Examined

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Denim Axes Examined
Denim Axes Examined

You meet a travelling axe salesman and check out his wares. You're especially impressed by the axes made out of denim. I mean, can you even sharpen denim? Apparently you can.

He offers to trade you one for one of your rubber axes.


You make the trade and go on your merry way, examining your new denim axe.

Axesmall.gifYou lose an item: rubber axe
Axesmall.gifYou acquire an item: denim axe

"What kind of crap are you trying to pull?" the axe salesman asks, and leaves in a huff. Pulled by a tizzy.

No Thanks.

Okay, maybe some other time, then.

Occurs Inside the Palindome.


  • One adventure is used upon a successful axe trade. Any other result/choice does not use up an adventure.


  • "Denim Axes Examined" is a well known palindrome.
  • May be a reference to the Hurloon Wrangler, a Magic: The Gathering card of the Unglued edition. The Minotaur-like creature has Denimwalk, which makes it unblockable if the defending player is wearing any clothes made of denim. In the illustration, it wields a large axe, which may be how the Denim Axe came into existence.