Demon whip

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demon whip
demon whip

This is a whip made out of the tail of a demon. And since the demons in Hey Deze use their tails as whips, it's really well suited to the purpose! It's the perfect thing for torturing the souls of the damned -- it's as hot as a lake of fire, it smells as bad as brimstone, and it's as naughty as a greased-up succubus.

Type: weapon (1-handed whip)
Damage: 1 - 2
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

+3 Hot Damage
+3 Sleaze Damage
+3 Stench Damage

(In-game plural: demon whips)
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Item number: 2482
Description ID: 556599497
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Club.gif whip kit demon skin
Equals.gif demon whip


  • The line about demons using their tails as whips could reference the song Tribute by Tenacious D. The song features a description of a demon's anger: "Whip-crack went his whippy tail."
  • "Fire," "brimstone," and "succubus" are terms commonly used in subjects relating to demons and hell (ie, Hey Deze).

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