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what counts as underpowered? is the time until a warrior catches you random?
Asteroid.gif You're fighting an asteroid.

You fly closer to the large gray planetoid. It rotates serenely, occasional outcroppings of white crystals glinting in the starlight. It's quite pretty, actually.

Time to blast the crap out of it with your photon cannons.

  • If your weapon is underpowered:
    • Though you scored a hit, the asteroid does not appear to have been much affected by the weak burst of light from your photon cannon.
    • You fire your ship's cannon at the asteroid, but the shot seems to not have much power in it, and the asteroid is hardly affected at all.
    • Your gun makes a sort of weak pew noise, and the bolt of light hits the asteroid with a sound best described as pleh. The rocky surface seems to have been scorched a little, but not what you would call productively.
  • Regular messages:
    • You zap the asteroid several times with your photon cannons, causing it to rumble and shake as fragments of gray rock explode from its surface.
    • The asteroid trembles and quakes under the onslaught of your mighty electron rays, creating deep crevasses and bursts of rocky fragments and dust.
    • Pew pew! goes your blaster cannon. Kaplrrrrrrgssh! goes the asteroid. The huge gray rock shakes mightily as cracks burst open across its surface.
    • Your laser beams drill across the surface of the asteroid, causing explosions and deep cracks across its surface.
  • If you blast loose a crystal:
    • A large fragment of sparkling crystal breaks off of the asteroid and floats toward you. You fly a little closer to it, and use a tractor beam to pull it into the hold of the ship.

      "Blurstite crystal collected," says the ship's computer. "Converting to blurstium charge. ...Conversion complete. Blurstium charge acquired. Bomb bay capacity at X%."
  • If you take more than X rounds:
    • You are interrupted in your chosen task by the nearby tanklike flying saucer, which swoops toward you, firing red bursts of energy from its central turret. Dammit, can't it see that you're busy here? There's a giant friggin' demon war-machine being built nearby, you don't have time to play chicken with alien robot jerks!
  • If you exhaust the asteroid:
    • The accumulated damage appears to have been too much for the poor planetoid, which shatters into rocky lumps and disperses. You scan the fragments for crystals, but come up empty.
  • If you destroy the asteroid:
    • PEW PEW PEW! goes your blaster cannon. KABOOM! goes the asteroid, exploding into smithereens. You back away from the blast and scan for crystals, but they seem to have been obliterated in the explosion. It looks like a more delicate touch is required.

      "How do I turn down the power on the main blasters?" you ask the computer.

      "Main blaster array power level is auto-determined based on pilot load data. Power level is not user-configurable after launch."

      "That... that sucks pretty hard." you tell the computer. "What's 'pilot load data'?" The computer doesn't reply.

Quit Mining


  • Each Blurstite crystal collected adds 5% to your bomb bay capacity.
  • If you take more than X rounds you will have to fight a Warrior.