Degrassi Knoll Mushroom Fields

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Shroomer.gif Welcome, Citizen, to the Degrassi Knoll Mushroom Fields. For the low price of 5,000 Meat, you can buy a plot of land here, and grow your own delicious mushrooms! What do you say?
Buy a Plot (5,000 Meat)

Thanks! It's all yours. You can buy spores from us to get your mushroom garden started. Click a spot in your plot to buy a spore there.

Your Mushroom Plot:

The Mushroom Fields lie deep inside Degrassi Knoll, and are as such only accessible to players who have descended under a Mongoose, Wallaby, or Vole moon sign.

Buying a plot here costs 5,000 Meat, and only one can be had. It has 16 spots in which you can plant mushroom spores. It takes one rollover for a mushroom to grow from a spore.

Adult mushrooms left unpicked will under certain circumstances create new spores between them that are of entirely new sorts; for thorougher information and a discussion of strategy, see: Mushroom Fields Strategy


  • Mushrooms unpicked at ascension will be lost to the deepest, darkest corners of The Abyss.
  • In a Zombie Slayer run, the fields are abandoned:
The Degrassi Knoll Mushroom Fields stand open, but there's nobody around to sell you mushroom spores. Theoretically you could get them from mushrooms yourself, but you have no idea how to milk a mushroom.
Is that even what it would be called? Milking?
  • Attempting to buy a mushroom field while already in possession of a mushroom field (i.e. by double-clicking):
What? Huh?
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