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The cylinder speaks. The messages were transcribed. The actions recorded.

For most of the messages below, these word buckets are used to randomly generate text (some of these are modified to suit the grammar of the sentence, eg. adding "ing" or "es"):


Losing Initiative

Gaining Initiative

  • It hesitates. It screeches. It <DMTMovementV>.

Player Messages


Successfully Pickpocketing an item

  • You reach into your foe's quicksilver-melody and withdraw a soothing galaxy.

Failing to Pickpocket an item

  • Your efforts create an spray of chartreuse that the vibration without so much as a warning.

Weapon Attacks

Successful Attack

  • yellow-viridian bubbles from the foe's thread void as you sings.
  • Your strident symphony intersects the throb foe, who wails from the disease.
  • Your mind ruptures the foe with a spurt of shifting, transparent cerulean and a ooze of unwtting.


  • Your attempt to cause unwtting within your foe's void goes unnoticed by all.

Critical hits

  • You hit the entity so hard, it explodes a <vocalization modifier> <vocalization noun> <direction>. CRITICAL <WEIRD OBJECT>!


  • You flail randomly, unable to comprehend your environment or your own body.

Receiving Damage

  • There is <damage noun>, and a(n) <exudence> of [<color modifier>] <color>.

Skill Messages

Unsuccessfully Using a Skill

  • You try something impossible, and yet it does not happen.

Dealing Damage via a Skill

Dealing Damage via a Spell

Using Entangling Noodles

  • You reveal your <wound modifier> <weird object> to your foe, but they are <material>.

Jiggling a Chefstaff

Casting Summon Mayfly Swarm


  • You're effectual on account of the effect you have just acquired.
  • You gain an effect. Impromptu grammar lesson: effects affect you.

Other Successful Skill Usage

Summoning Pasta Guardians

Combat Items

Dealing Damage via Combat Items

  • You eject a(n) <object modifier> <object>, which intersects violently with your foe.

Other Combat Item Usage

  • A(n) <object modifier> <object>, and it performs its function.

HP Gain

  • Your <body part> sings a <vocal adjective> <vocalization> as you are healed.

MP Gain

  • A <mana adjective> <color> <vocalization> echoes through your <body part>, revitalizing you.

MP Loss

Running Away or Banishing


  • Your foe emits a scintillating warning, but you are no longer anywhere.


Familiar Messages

Stat Point Increasing

  • A small <object modifier> <color> <object> {scrutinizes / listens / regards} you and beams.

Meat Drop Increasing

Item Drop Increasing

  • A small <object modifier> <color> <object> <moves> <movement adverb>.



  • A small <object modifier> <color> <object> <damages> your foe, causing the damage.

General (including Deleveling)

  • A small <object modifier> <color> <object> does something incomprehensible.

Leveling Up

  • A small <object modifier> <color> <object> emits a <vocalization modifier> <vocalization noun> as it grows slightly larger.

Enemy messages

Introduction Text

  • <Part 1>. <Part 2>.

Part 1 is one of:

  • A <material> <object> has a <mind part> and a <appendage>. It <vocalizes>.
  • A <color> <material> <object>. A <vocal modifier> <vocalization>.
  • A <wound modifier> <wound> <observes> you and it <vocalizes>.

Part 2 is one of:

  • <Color modifier> <color> <exudes> as it <moves>.
  • It <vocalizes> at your <wound modifier> <wound>.
  • Its <appendage modifier> <appendage> <observes> your <mind part>.

Miss Messages

  • It <vocalizes> a <vocal modifier> <vocal noun>. A <color modifier> <color> <defence noun> <exudes> from your <mind part> to <defend> you.
  • It <observes> your <mind part>. Your memory of <color modifier> <color> remains <same color modifier> <same color> for the time being.
  • It attempts to <remove> your <mind part>, but you escape by <hiding method> a <object modifier> <object modifier> <weird object>.
  • It attempts to <remove> your <mind part>, but you <defend> yourself with a <weird object> of <object modifier> <object modifier> {dust/thoughts/etc. (mind part?)}.

Special Attacks

Dealing Passive or Counter-Attack Damage

Enemy Is Stunned

Your foe neither <moves> nor <vocalizes>. It is unable to anything.

End of Combat

Losing the Fight

A deafening <fluid> of defeat fills your <mind part>. The <objects> <vocalize or move>.

Fight ends

Winning the Fight

  • A(n) <object> <reacts to damage>, and there is no enemy anywhere.

Gaining Substats

Muscle Substats

  • A <muscle fluid modifier> <fluid> <exudes> through your <mind part>.

Gaining a Muscle Point

  • A < muscle fluid modifier> <fluid> <exudes> through your <mind part>. You feel as though your <mind part> has expanded.

Gaining Mysticality substats:

  • A <mysticality fluid modifier> <fluid> <exudes> through your <mind part>.

Gaining a Mysticality Point

  • A <mysticality fluid modifier> <fluid> <exudes> through your <mind part>. You feel as though your <mind part> has expanded.

Gaining Moxie Substats

  • A <moxie fluid modifier> <fluid> <exudes> through your <mind part>.

Gaining a Moxie Point

  • A < moxie fluid modifier> <fluid> <exudes> through your <mind part>. You feel as though your <mind part> has expanded.

Leveling Up

  • A spiraling <object modifier> <object> <exudes> from your <mind part> as you surge with newfound power. You have gained a <object>.

Getting Meat

  • A quantity of dim materializes within your regrets.

Item Drops

  • You discover a <weird object> of <object modifier> <material>, and hold it tightly within your <mind part>.

Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies



You <react to damage> without purpose.

Gaining an Effect (Other than via a Disco Combo)



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