Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobe

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Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobe
Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobe

This snowglobe contains a model of the hatch leading to the Deep Machine Tunnels that have apparently been right there, just beneath the surface of Seaside Town, the entire time.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 57 Meat.
Effect: Inside The Snowglobe (57 Adventures)You can access the Deep Machine Tunnels beneath Seaside Town

(In-game plural: Deep Machine Tunnels snowglobes)
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Item number: 8749
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Obtained From

Dropped after combat by a Machine Elf (once a day)
Mr. Cheeng's spectacles (after combat, sometimes)

When Used

You gaze into the snowglobe, and when you've stopped gazing into the snowglobe you are inside the snowglobe.
Dmtglobe.gifYou acquire an effect: Inside The Snowglobe
(duration: 57 Adventures)
  • Or, if you already have access:
You can already see the hatch leading to those tunnels.


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