Deck of Every Card (Effects Table)

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This is a condensed list of possible outcomes when drawing a card from your Deck of Every Card.

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Card Name Effect Type Effect Notes
X of Clubs Item Get X (2-10) Seal-clubbing club and 3 PvP fights
X of Diamonds Item Get X (2-10) cubic zirconia Autosell for 100 meat each
X of Hearts Item Get X (2-10) bubblegum heart Each restores 80-100 HP when used
X of Spades Item Get X (2-10) grave robbing shovel Also gain X letters of the puzzle.
X of Papayas Item Get X (2-10) papaya
X of Kumquats Item Get X (2-10) kumquat
X of Salads Item Get X (2-10) delicious salad
X of Coins Item Get X (2-5) valuable coin Autosell for 500 meat each
X of Cups Item Get X (2-5) drinks Any drink? fountain 'soda' ; Neuromancer ; ocean motion ; shot of tomato schnapps
X of Swords Item Get X (2-5) swords Any sword?
X of Wands Buff Get X (2-5) random effects 5 adventures each of 2-5 effects (any effect? exceptions unknown)
0 - The Fool Buff Dancin' Fool (20 adventures) +200% Moxie
I - The Magician Buff Magicianship (20 adventures) +200% Mysticality
II - The High Priestess Monster Fight a Hippy
III - The Empress Stats Gain 500 mysticality stats
IV - The Emperor Monster Fight The Emperor Obtain 1 piece of The Emperor's New Clothes outfit
V - The Hierophant Monster Fight a Dude
VI - The Lovers Stats Gain 500 moxie stats
VII - The Chariot Monster Fight a Construct
IX - The Hermit Monster Fight The Hermit Seems unbeatable. Gain hermit factoid upon losing.
X - The Wheel of Fortune Buff Fortune of the Wheel (20 adventures) +100% Item Drops
XI - Strength Buff Strongly Motivated (20 adventures) +200% Muscle
XII - The Hanged Man Monster Fight an Orc
XIII - Death Monster Fight an Undead enemy
XIV - Temperance Monster Fight a Hobo
XV - The Devil Monster Fight a Demon
XVI - The Tower Item Get a random dungeon key Will give you one you do not currently have in your inventory.
XVII - The Star Monster Fight a Constellation
XVIII - The Moon Monster Fight Horror
XXI - The World Stats Gain 500 muscle stats
Plains Item Get white mana
Swamp Item Get black mana
Mountain Item Get red mana
Forest Item Get green mana
Island Item Get blue mana
Healing Salve Skill Learn Healing Salve If already known, get white mana. Costs 1 white mana to gain 3,000 HP in combat.
Dark Ritual Skill Learn Dark Ritual If already known, get black mana. Costs 1 black mana to gain 3,000 MP out of combat.
Lightning bolt Skill Learn Lightning Bolt If already known, get red mana. Costs 1 red mana to deal 3,000 damage.
Giant Growth Skill Learn Giant Growth If already known, get green mana. Costs 1 green mana to gain +300% to all stats for 1 Adventure in combat.
Ancestral Recall Skill Learn Ancestral Recall If already known, get blue mana. Costs 1 blue mana to gain 3 Adventures. Limit 10 casts/day.
The Hive Monster Fight a Bug
Goblin Sapper Monster Fight a Goblin
Fire Elemental Monster Fight an Elemental
Unstable Portal Monster Fight a Weird enemy
Lead Pipe Item Get lead pipe (1-handed club)
  • +100% Muscle
  • Maximum HP +50
  • disappears at end of day
Rope Item Get rope (1-handed whip)
  • +2 muscle stats per fight
  • +10 familiar weight
  • disappears at end of day
Wrench Item Get wrench (1-handed utensil)
  • +100% spell damage
  • Maximum MP + 50
  • disappears at end of day
Candlestick Item Get candlestick (1-handed wand)
  • +100% mysticality
  • +2 mysticality stats per fight
  • disappears at end of day
Knife Item Get knife (1-handed knife)
  • +100% moxie
  • +50% meat
  • disappears at end of day
Revolver Item Get revolver (1-handed pistol)
  • +2 moxie stats per fight
  • +50% combat initiative
  • disappears at end of day
Professor Plum Item Get 10 plum
Spare Tire Item Get tires
Extra Tank Item Get full meat tank
Sheep Item Get 3 stone wool
Year of Plenty Item Get 5 random foods
Mine Item Get chrome ore, asbestos ore, and linoleum ore
Laboratory Item Get 5 random potions
Werewolf Monster Fight a Beast
Go Fish Monster Fight a Fish
Plantable Greeting Card Monster Fight a Plant
Pirate Greeting Card Monster Fight a Pirate
Christmas Card Monster Fight an Elf
Gift Card Item Get Gift card Use to receive a random draw from the Deck of Every Card, but only if you do not own a Deck.
Suit Warehouse Discount Card Monster Fight a Penguin
1952 Mickey Mantle Item Get 1952 Mickey Mantle card Autosell 10000 meat
Slimer Trading Card Monster Fight a Slime
Aquarius Horoscope Monster Fight a Mer-Kin
Hunky Fireman Card Monster Fight a Humanoid
Green Card Monster Fight legal alien
The Race Card Buff Racing! (20 adventures) +200% Combat Initiative


  • You can only cheat any particular card once per day. Cards cheated on a day will not be available in the Cheat menu again until Rollover.
  • Random monster cards will only produce monsters which are copyable and have factoids.