Deck of Every Card

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Deck of Every Card
Deck of Every Card

This deck contains one of every card.

(You have X draws left for today.)

NOTE: This item will be automatically placed in your inventory at the beginning of each Ascension.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded

Who knows what will happen when you draw from it!

(In-game plural: Decks of Every Card)
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Item number: 8382
Description ID: 857757278
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Obtained From

Pack of Every Card

When Used

  • With 0 turns remaining:
You don't have time to draw a card right now.
  • Or with 0 HP:
You're too beaten up. An accidental papercut would kill you at this point.
  • Or when out of draws for the day:
You've already drawn your day's allotment of cards from the Deck of Every Card.


  • You start off with 15 draws per day.
  • [cheat] lets you choose a specific card for the cost of 5 draws.
  • For a sortable table of effects, see Deck of Every Card (Effects Table)
  • It is not possible to draw any specific card more than once per day.
  • There is a puzzle associated with the Spades card.
  • Is automatically placed in your inventory for you at the beginning of your run, with the message:
You notice you've still got that deck of cards. Spooky!
Deckdeck.gifYou acquire an item: Deck of Every Card


  • Prior to a trivial update on August 7, 2015, this item could not be used while falling-down drunk:
    You're too drunk to draw.



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