Deceased crimbo tree

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deceased crimbo tree
deceased crimbo tree

This tree has seen better days. Lucky for you, it'll make a barricade while it has any remaining needles.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Blocks damage while needles remain

(In-game plural: deceased crimbo trees)
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Item number: 9691
Description ID: 869634796
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Obtained From

January's Garbage Tote (Rummaging through the Garbage)


  • Starts with 1000 needles on it.
  • When you take damage from regular attacks during combat, if there are any needles left on the tree, the damage is reduced to ceil(1, X - N), where N is the number of needles left on the tree and X is the damage. This reduces the number of needles left on the tree by X and displays the following message:
Your crimbo tree has N needles left.
  • This effectively means that it absorbs up to 1000 damage total, but you take 1 damage each time even if the damage were to be reduced to 0.
  • Special attacks destroy needles without reducing damage, while damage auras, Monster Level start-of-combat elemental damage, and zone damage/etc are not reduced by the tree.
  • After the needles run out (that is, after 1000 damage), the tree is destroyed with the following message:
Your crimbo tree is now 100% naked, so you toss it away.


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