Dark Ritual

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Dark Ritual

Dark Ritual

Type: Noncombat
Cost: 1 black mana

This spell lets you spend "1 black mana" to gain "3 black mana." You don't know much about magic, but you do know a little about math, and that doesn't seem to add up.

Gives 3 black mana? That can't be right.

Source: Memorizing the spell on the Dark Ritual (B) card from a Deck of Every Card
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
When Used:
You swallow the black mana. It begins to writhe around in your stomach, doing Satan-knows what. You shudder as a surge of evil-tinged power blasts outward from your guts.
MPYou gain 3,000 Mana Points.


  • Requires that you have a black mana in your inventory (which is consumed).


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