Dangerous jerkcicle

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dangerous jerkcicle
dangerous jerkcicle

This is a shard from a glacier of ice,
A place to house souls that were not very nice.
The ice in the glacier's infused with these jerks,
Nobody is really quite sure how that works,
But you'll find this the angriest ice that you've seen!
(You've not seen angry ice before. That's what I mean.)

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Deals 20-40 Cold Damage

(In-game plural: dangerous jerkcicles)
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Item number: 5447
Description ID: 726861308
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Obtained From

The Glacier of Jerks
Brock "Rocky" Flox
Dolores D. Smiley
Hugo Von Douchington
Vivian Vibrian Vumian Varr
Wacky Zack Flacky

When Used

You say, "hush with your gossip! You're shallow and fickle!"
The Snitch tattles on, so you grab a jerkcicle,
You toss with a flip and a quip and a twitch,
And it lands point-side up right in front of the Snitch.
You shout, "I'll call you vinegar; you're in a pickle!"
Then flick your wrist deftly and toss a jerkcicle,
It stabs Mammon deep in the gut as he lumbers
(The damage it did you'll see in these blue numbers)! X.
  • Against anyone else:
You toss the jerkcicle as neat as you please,
It takes 20-40 damage and dies by degrees.


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