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dance card
dance card

This card is apparently a list of all of the people and/or zombies that one of the female zombie waltzers danced with recently in the Spookyraven Manor Ballroom.

There's an empty spot at the bottom of it. Looks like somebody saved the last dance. Or perhaps stepped up, or brought it on.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 45 Meat.

(In-game plural: dance cards)
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Item number: 1963
Description ID: 223939661
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Obtained From

The Haunted Ballroom
zombie waltzers

When Used

You pencil your name in on the last line of the dance card, and it evaporates in a puff of ectoplasm.


  • Using this item causes the Rotting Matilda adventure to occur in four turns if you are adventuring in the Haunted Ballroom. Once the dance card is used, you may use your next three adventures in any way you like, but the fourth adventure must be spent in the Haunted Ballroom or you will miss your chance to waltz with Matilda. The four-turn count is not reset or affected by rollover. Skipped choice adventures do not count toward the four turns.
  • You cannot have two dance cards active at one time - using a second card while the first is still in effect simply results in the four-turn counter being reset, wasting the first card.
  • Despite the four-turn countdown, the Rotting Matilda adventure can be overridden by the Ballroom's Bad Moon-only noncombat, the Ballroom's clover adventure, wandering monsters, Drunken Stupor adventures or by the MacGuffin Quest special adventure. If this occurs, the benefit of the dance card is simply lost. However, if you use a free runaway on the monster and then adventure in the ballroom again, you will receive the Rotting Matilda adventure.


  • At some point on or before October 2, 2014, this item had its autosell changed from 55.



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