Daily dungeon malware

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daily dungeon malware
daily dungeon malware

This malware script is specifically designed to take advantage of some security loopholes inherent to the old monsters in the Daily Dungeon.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 35 Meat.

Hacks a Daily Dungeon Monster

(In-game plural: daily dungeon malware scripts)
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Item number: 9024
Description ID: 264307404
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Obtained From

Internet Meme Shop (150 BACON)

When Used

Against any Daily Dungeon monster, first time each day:

"It's a UNIX system!" you exclaim. "I know this!" You quickly hack the monster's loot table and reap the benefits.
Loottoken.gifYou acquire an item: fat loot token

Against any Daily Dungeon monster, subsequent times:

You attempt to hack the monster, but the only effect is that %poss[sic] neck stretches to an impossible length. "Nope," %pro[sic] says.


You try to hack your opponent, but are unsuccessful. "No soup for you!" the monster shouts.


  • The quotation from a successful use is a verbatim reference to Lexi's (in)famous line in Jurassic Park when restoring the system after the power outage.
  • The subsequent use message references nope.avi.
  • "No soup for you!" comes from a famous Seinfeld episode.


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