Daily Dungeon Stat Tests

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
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Each of the stat tests within The Daily Dungeon (the locked door and the 3 for each stat) have a range of stats they operate on. If you're under the bottom part of the range, you can't pass. If you've above the top part, you'll always pass.

You can attempt the same location multiple times and get different results. Values in the middle may take multiple attempts to pass, with the odds of success decreasing at the lower end of the scale. Trying to get through with the very lower limit of the test will take about five tries on average.

The way the mechanism appears to work is that for each attempt at passing, the RNG picks a number from the appropriate range, then compares your stat to that. The data shows that each type of regular stat test range is from a tier of difficulty, either easy, medium, or hard. The range of randomness seems to increase for the harder tests.

Here is a summary of what's known about the boundaries of each test. New data outside of the range here should be submitted using the standardized form in this page's discussion area.

Test Stat Difficulty Lowest pass Highest fail
Locked Door Main Hard 29 51
A Hairier Barrier Myst Hard 29 48
Piledriver Musc Hard 26 48
Smooth Criminal Mox Hard 28 44
The Mystic Seal Myst Medium 25 41
Yet Another Troll Musc Medium 24 41
Badger Badger Badger Badger Mox Medium 26 39
Magic Shell Myst Easy 19 29
The Biggest Bathtub Ever Musc Easy 17 30
Dungeon Fever Mox Easy 20 28


  • If lockpicks are used, the Locked Door test is against your Moxie rather than your main stat--even if your main stat is higher than your Moxie.
  • There is some evidence that your drunkenness may impair your ability to pass the stat tests. Most of the values here were tested without drinking anything before entering the dungeon.