Daily Affirmation: Work For Hours a Week

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Daily Affirmation: Work For Hours a Week
Daily Affirmation: Work For Hours a Week

This is a heavy-weight folded card featuring an inspirational cover photo and the nicely printed message, "Work For Hours a Week."

Type: potion
(can also be used in combat)
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: Work For Hours a Week (100 Adventures)+5 to Familiar Weight
Regenerate 10-20 HP per Adventure

In Combat: Earn Active Income!

(In-game plural: Daily Affirmations: Work For Hours a Day)
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Item number: 9484
Description ID: 594054996
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Obtained From

New-You Club

When Used

  • From inventory:
Foldednote.gifYou acquire an effect: Work For Hours a Week
(duration: 100 Adventures)
  • In combat:
Using clever optimization strategies, you easily turn the effort of fighting this monster into income! (Buy my book!)
Meat.gifYou gain some Meat.


  • Meat earned in combat is (14 * monster attack + monster defense + monster HP), in the range [111, 11111] meat. Monster Level will help.



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