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After a half-hour or so of searching the wreckage-strewn coastline for the alchemist's lost gear with no success, you decide to take a nap.

You wake up with a pain in your right hand, probably because it's in the mouth of one of the local lobster-frogs. "Yurblurgurburglurgurb! Dad-a-chum!" he says, happily, as he eats several of your fingers.

You chase him away angrily. Man, those were some of your favorite fingers, too.

Sad.gifYou acquire an effect: Missing Fingers
(duration: 5 Adventures)

Occurs at Sonofa Beach


  • This adventure is a reference to events from The Dark Tower (series) by Stephen King, in which Roland Deschain loses two fingers to a giant lobster-like creature (or "lobstrosity", as the book puts it). These creatures say things which, to Roland, sound like strange, chirping questions: "Dad-a-cham? Did-a-chim? Did-a-chee?"
  • The "Yurblurgurburglurgurb!" is very like the battle cry of Murlocs, degenerate mer-men found on most coastal areas in World of Warcraft.