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In a perfect world, you'd be able to make a solid that had ten sides but that wasn't one of these. Of course, in a perfect world, you wouldn't need to play role-playing games to escape the horrors of your day-to-day life, so maybe never mind.

Type: usable (also usable in combat)
Cannot be discarded

Weakens enemies somewhat

(In-game plural: d10s)
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Item number: 5288
Description ID: 443467874
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Obtained From

Summon Dice

When Used

  • In combat:
You spin the d10 like a top. Your opponent tries to read the numbers on it as it spins, but ends up just getting dizzy.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 15-20
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 15-20
  • Using 1 from inventory:

You roll the d10 twice, and it comes up X followed by Y. You consult the wandering monster table...

(enters combat with a random monster in accordance with the wandering monster table)

  • Trying to use 1 while drunk:

You're too drunk to fight a stationary monster, much less a wandering one.

  • Trying to use 1 with 0 HP:

You're in no shape for a fight.

  • Trying to use 1 with no Adventures remaining:

You don't have time to fight a wandering monster.

  • Using 2:
You roll 2d10 and consult the Amazing Adventure Chart. Your imagination runs wild:

(randomized background text)

You gain 60-290 (scales to level) <substat>.

(randomized obstacle text)

HPYou lose some (scales to Max HP) hit points.

(randomized bosskill text)

Chest2.gifYou acquire an item: dungeon dragon chest
  • Trying to use 2 while drunk:

Your imagination is too drunk right now.

  • Trying to use 2 with 0 HP:

You're in pretty bad shape, and if you die in your imagination, you die in real life, so you probably shouldn't risk it.

  • Trying to use 2 with no Adventures remaining:

You don't have time to go on an adventure. Even an imaginary one.

  • Using more than 2:

You roll [X]d10 and consult the appropriate table:

[X random numbers between 0 and 9] - Roll Again.


Summoned Dice
Die Combat Use Single Use Multi-use
d4 Delevels enemy generic restorative potions 100 Fight a family of kobolds
d6 Stuns enemy with Cold Damage generic mana potions 3 stat gain, up to 3 times per day
d8 Deals Prismatic Damage generic healing potions none
d10 Delevels enemy Fight random monster 2 stat gain, HP loss and a dungeon dragon chest
d12 Deals random damage 10 turns of Bastard! varies Moving Target trophy (sometimes)
d20 Deals Hot Damage 1 turn of Natural 20 or Natural 1 20 20-400 turns of 20/20 Vision


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