Cymbal syrup

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cymbal syrup
cymbal syrup

This is a small bottle of sweet distilled percussion. No, don't ask me to explain that.

Type: potion
Effect: Tinnitus (20 Adventures)
Free pull from Hagnk's
Gift Item

(In-game plural: bottles of cymbal syrup)
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Item number: 3055
Description ID: 342327364
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Obtained From

Summon Hilarious Objects
pantogram pants (with the hilarious sacrifice, sometimes)

When Used

You guzzle the syrup. It feels like two snare drums and a cymbal are falling down your throat.
Humanears.gifYou acquire an effect: Tinnitus
(duration: 20 Adventures)


  • The statement "It feels like two snare drums and a cymbal are falling down your throat" is a reference to a joke: "Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff. Duh-dun tchh!", the last referencing the stereotypical "rimshot" sound sometimes used in stage comedy. This was quoted by Xenophobe on the February 16, 2006 radio show as the "world's best joke."
  • The name is a reference to "simple syrup", which is a plain liquid sweetener, usually sugar water.

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