Cursed cannonball

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cursed cannonball
cursed cannonball

This is a cannonball from a cursed cannon, from the cursed deck of a cursed ship. If you had a dictionary that was missing so many pages that "heavy" was right next to "spooky," this would be the picture next to those two words.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Deals Spooky Damage based on your Muscle

(In-game plural: cursed cannonballs)
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Item number: 3039
Description ID: 173317473
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Obtained From

ornate ancient cursed chest
ancient cursed foot locker
gilded ancient cursed chest

When Used

You hurl the cannonball at your opponent as hard as you can. The pain in your shoulder and elbow reminds you that you were never a shotputter, but the pain delivered to your enemy inflicts X (+Y) damage.


  • The damage dealt is your buffed Muscle, split approximately evenly between X and Y.


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