Cursed by The RNG

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Cursed by The RNG

Cursed by The RNG

You have been cursed by the Random Number Generator with extraordinarily bad luck. Unfortunate!


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Effect number: 217
Description ID: 619bf55052f4270389dd24d68a029246
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Obtained From


  • This effect wandered into the game (misspellings and all) on the Tuesday update which included Amorous. After a thread was made about it on the KoL forums a few days later, it was removed from public view.
  • This effect is currently obtained from The RNG, possibly for taunting it or begging from it while in chat.
  • Attempting to remove this effect with a soft green echo eyedrop antidote will fail with the message "It's inscrutable, ineffable, and insoftgreeneyedropechoable."
  • This effect is not cancelled by Blessed by the RNG, it is possible to have both effects simultaneously if the RNG is in a particularly odd mood. There is no currently observable effect of having both effects
  • As an NPC, The RNG is capable of targeting players in Hardcore or Ronin.