Curse of Vichyssoise

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Curse of Vichyssoise

Curse of Vichyssoise

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 2

In Sauceror school, you have to learn how to make soup before you learn how to make Sauce. For most people it's just kid stuff, but you learned a pretty cool trick while you were pranking the dean one year -- you can conjure up a big mass of freezing soup and coat a dead buffalo in it! Or, I mean, things that aren't dead buffalo, too, I guess.

NOTE: Only one Curse can be cast per fight.

Curse your opponent with ongoing cold damage

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 125 Meat
Class: Sauceror
Level: 1
Effect: Deals cold damage each round
When Used:
You mutter the ancient words of the ancient Soupsmiths, conjuring up a mass of vichyssoise as cold as you can bear to make it. You toss the frigid globe of soup at your foe, coating it in it. Bon appétit!

On the round used and subsequent rounds:
Your foe shivers in the writhing mass of cold soup, suffering X damage.

Your opponent can see its breath because of the cold soup. And also suffer X damage because of it.


  • Only one curse can be cast per fight.
  • Base damage is 2-3 per round
  • Does an additional 2 damage for each level of Cold Resistance, capped at 5 cold resist (12-13 damage per round).
  • Damage is not affected by +spell damage (absolute or percentage), or +cold spell damage.
  • Is "Made Way Better" by polyester pettipants.
    • When you originally cast the spell, you roll a "core damage" of (12+12*C) to (24+16*C), where C is your Cold Resistance.
    • Each round you deal the core damage, with a bit of variation.
    • More specifically, each round you deal the core damage plus a random number from -floor(core damage / 10) to +floor(core damage/10)
    • Caps at 5 Cold Resistance, for 72-104 "core damage".