Cup of infinite pencils

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cup of infinite pencils
cup of infinite pencils

This is every Depression-era hobo's dream -- a tin cup that produces a neverending stream of pencils! Imagine how many nickels you could make, and how many political cartoons you could star in!

Type: off-hand item
Muscle Required: 175
Selling Price: 75 Meat.

+15% Meat from Monsters
Never runs out of pencils

(In-game plural: cups of infinite pencils)
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Item number: 3142
Description ID: 772668061
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Obtained From

Hobopolis Town Square
Normal hobo


  • Appends the following message to the combat text:
    You grab a handful of pencils from your cup and hurl them at your opponent, creating a veritable pencil rain and causing 25-30 damage worth of splinters and graphite poisoning.
  • The attack occurs every round after you attempt an action, including rounds when you fumble and rounds you cannot attack when under the effect of Cunctatitis. It does not occur when you twiddle your thumbs.


  • The attack message references the song "Pencil Rain", from They Might Be Giants' second album, Lincoln.
  • Graphite poisoning references the common belief of schoolchildren that chewing on a pencil will cause lead poisoning, even though the "lead" in a pencil is actually relatively harmless graphite carbon.

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