Crystalline cheer

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crystalline cheer
crystalline cheer

This looks and feels like a shard of rock candy, but way more so. Like, dangerously more so. Even just licking it would probably give you a fatal happiness overdose.

Cannot be traded or discarded

(In-game plural: crystalline cheer)
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Item number: 9625
Description ID: 641113985
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Obtained From

The Cheerless Spire (Level 1)
Cheerless mime functionary
And Then He Writes an Invisible Passive-Agressive Memo
The Cheerless Spire (Level 2)
Cheerless mime scientist
Gimme Them Crystals
Lucky Breaktime
The Cheerless Spire (Level 3)
Cheerless mime soldier
The Cheerless Spire (Level 4)
Cheerless mime vizier
The Cheerless Spire (Level 5)
Cheerless mime executive
cheer wine


  • Can be used to purchase goods at the Cheer-o-Vend 3000, which is located at Tammy's Camp.
  • After Tammy's Camp disappeared on January 2, 2018, became usable from inventory via an [exchange] link.


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