Cryptic puzzle box

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cryptic puzzle box
cryptic puzzle box

Legend has it that if you figure out how to open this box, a bunch of sharp hooks on chains will pop out of it and drag you down to Hey Deze. Which doesn't explain why once anyone hears that, they just have to try and open the box. Thankfully, this is just a replica of the original. Much easier to open, and without all that pesky flaying.

Type: gift package
Cannot be traded or discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: cryptic puzzle boxes)
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Item number: 1175
Description ID: 755107532
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Obtained From

Sent from The Gift Shop (20,000 Meat, after 21st ascension)

When Used

After a little effort and brain-crunching, you pry open the cryptic puzzle box. Hooks on chains immediately fly out and flay your skin from your body. Wait, no, all that's in it is:


  • This package will hold 9 types of items.


  • The item description refers to the Hellraiser movie series, where a gold puzzle box, the Lament Configuration, was a gateway to hell. If the box is successfully opened, the gateway opens, summoning nasties such as Pinhead (the guy with pins in his head) and sometimes a bunch of sharp hooks and chains will pop out of it and...


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