Crimborg Tattoo

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Crimborg Tattoo
Crimborg Tattoo

The Crimborg Tattoo is obtained by visiting the Pretentious Artist while wearing the Crimborg Assault Armor.

Pretentious Artist

Please allow me to paint your portrait...

Ah, a biomechanical menace. How suitable a metaphor for the corruptive influences of modern society. Sinister, yet... somehow sensual.

Crimborg Tattoo You have unlocked a new tattoo.


  • All of the equipment required to obtain this tattoo is untradeable, making this tattoo unobtainable for all accounts created after the event.


  • The tattoo resembles the letter "o" as it appears in the Halo logo. Moreover, the filename of the image is halotat.gif.
  • "Somehow sensual" could refer to Seven of Nine, a Borg who was notably attractive, or the Borg Queen who tried to seduce an android and later Seven of Nine to betray their respective crews.