Crimbo Town Gift-O-Mat

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Crimbo Town Gift-O-Mat Crimbo Town Gift-O-Mat

The vending machine is packed with expensive luxury goods.

Items Sold

Items for sale:
Item: (click for description) Price:
Crimbognac.gif bottle of Crimbognac 100,000 Meat
Oystersroc.gif Crimboysters Rockefeller 100,000 Meat
Potion9.gif Crimbeau de toilette 100,000 Meat
Crimbocandle.gif Crimbo candle 250,000 Meat
Music2.gif Carol of the Bulls 500,000 Meat
Music2.gif Carol of the Hells 500,000 Meat
Music2.gif Carol of the Thrills 500,000 Meat
Yulepup.gif yule pup 1,000,000 Meat
Nicewatch.gif Crimbolex watch 1,000,000 Meat
C18tat.gif Crimbo tattoo kit 1,000,000 Meat