Creepy voodoo doll

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creepy voodoo doll
creepy voodoo doll

This spooky magical figurine is supposedly able to transmit pain and injury to the person whose hair is attached. However, since the hair in question was a random shower-drain clog, there's no telling who that might actually be.

This is known in black magic circles as "Haitian Roulette".

Type: usable
Selling Price: 10 Meat.

(In-game plural: creepy voodoo dolls)
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Item number: 5062
Description ID: 659710029
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Wad.gif wooden figurine gob of wet hair
Equals.gif creepy voodoo doll

When Used

First time each day:

You jab a pin into your voodoo doll, and hear a yelp of pain off in the distance. You wonder, briefly, who it was.

Subsequent times:

It's probably not wise to fool around with ancient tribal black magic implements more than, let's say, once per day.


  • This item is not consumed on use.
  • Gives a player on your contact list, or, if you don't have any contacts, gives a random player, possibly yourself, the On Pins and Needles effect.
  • The recipe must be known to craft this.
  • Attempting to untinker this item yields the message "That's not an item that can be untinkered."


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