Creepy doll

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Creepy doll
Monster ID 1549
Locations The Haunted Nursery
Hit Points 75
Attack 88
Defense 76
Initiative 25
Meat None
Phylum construct
Elements spooky
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts arm, head, leg, torso
creepy doll head, creepy voice box, droopy doll eye
Bounty haunted pullstring
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
creepy doll You're fighting a creepy doll

As you step through the nursery, you see a creepy doll sitting high on one of the shelves, its fine porcelain face covered in a web of cracks. You're startled, but you try to calm your galloping heart--I mean, it's just a doll, right? But you keep your eyes fixed on it as you walk by, and it turns its head to follow you. You try to convince yourself it's just your eyes playing tricks on you, but then the doll leaps from the shelf straight at you, opening its pretty mouth to swallow you whole.

Hit Message(s):

It bites you in the shin, then dodges when you try to kick it. Stupid doll! Ouch! Oof!

It breaks a porcelain shard off itself and cuts you with it. Eek! Ouch!

It calls over its cymbal-playing monkey friend to clap its cymbals shut on your skull. Ooh! Ouch!

It jumps on you and bites your neck with sharp little porcelain teeth. Argh! Ugh!

It says, "you're my beeeest friend! Wanna play?" then shanks you with the knife it was holding behind its back.

It stares at you with its creepy eye that's always open. Brrrr. Ooh! Eek! (spooky damage)

Critical Hit Message:

It does some weird voodoo ritual that makes you switch bodies--for a minute, you're in the doll and it's in your body! It picks up doll-you and shakes you until you're completely discombobulated. Ugh! Ow!

Miss Message(s):

It calls over its cymbal-playing monkey friend to beat you up, but its clockwork runs down before it can hit.

It says, "you're my beeest friend! Wanna play?" but you decline the offer.

It stares at you with its creepy eye that's always open, but you prefer to believe it's winking at you.

It tries to bite you in the shin, but you move your shins away.

It tries to jump on you and bite your neck, but you swat it aside.

It tries to shank you with a broken piece of porcelain, but you say, "no shanks."

Fumble Message:

It accidentally breaks off its porcelain nose and has to go find some super-glue to put it back on. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

Dolleye.gifYou acquire an item: droopy doll eye (10% chance)*
Dollhead.gifYou acquire an item: creepy doll head (5% chance)*
Voicebox.gifYou acquire an item: creepy voice box (5% chance)*
String.gifYou acquire a bounty item: haunted pullstring
(X of 13 found)

Occurs at The Haunted Nursery.


  • This monster contains several references to the Jonathan Coulton song "Creepy Doll", such as having "a pretty mouth to swallow you whole".