Creepy Lullaby

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Creepy Lullaby

Creepy Lullaby

Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 30

You know the world's creepiest lullaby. If you look at the lyrics to most lullabies, you'll know that they're all kind of creepy, but this one takes the cake. Which you shouldn't eat in bed, by the way, because you'll get crumbs on the sheets.

Source: Asleep in the Cemetery
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Deals (10-20)+(Mys/10) Spooky Damage, where Mys is your buffed Mysticality (which isn't ever capped), and divisions are rounded down. Calms flipped out monsters.
When Used:
You sing the creepiest lullaby you know.

<He> gets really weirded out by it, suffering X damage.


You sing the creepiest lullaby you know. <He> seems to relax a little.


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