Crappy Mer-kin tailpiece

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crappy Mer-kin tailpiece
crappy Mer-kin tailpiece

If you've ever wasted an evening chasing crappy Mer-kin tail . . . well, I'll be surprised. But nevertheless, this is a shoddy attempt at a Mer-kin costume, and it's all yours.

Type: pants
Power: 200
Moxie Required: 85
Outfit: Crappy Mer-kin Disguise
  (2 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

Combat Initiative -25%
+2 MP to use Skills

(In-game plural: crappy Mer-kin tailpieces)
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Item number: 4283
Description ID: 219864306
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Obtained From

Grandma (1 sea chaps, 1 teflon swim fins, 3 pristine fish scales)

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