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Needs testing on other AoWoL wandering cows (furious cow) as well as any other cows in the game. (Storm cow?)

cow poker
cow poker

This is a sharp wooden stick with a little channel carved down one side. The reason you know it's a cow poker is the inscription on the side: "AMALGAMATED COW POKER INC, PITTSBURGH PA."

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 35 Meat.

(In-game plural: cow pokers)
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Obtained From

Investigating a Plaintive Telegram
drunk cowpoke

When Used

Against a caugr, furious giant cow, moomy, Pharaoh Amoon-Ra Cowtep, pyrobove, sea cow, spidercow or ungulith, first time:
You jab the poker deep into the cow. It bellows as a gout of blood spews out of it.
Potion15.gifYou acquire an item: demonic cow's blood
Subsequent times:
You better not try that again.
Against non-cows:
You jab your opponent with the cowpoker. It deals 51 damage, but breaks. I guess it really is made for poking cows.


  • The poker will not break if used against a cow.
  • Clara may or may not be a cow, but as she blocks combat items, we may never know...


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