Cosmic Ray's Bazaar

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Cosmic Ray's Bazaar

Cosmic Ray's Bazaar is located in the Kingdom of Exploathing.

Cosmic Ray Cosmic Ray

The world has exploded, but that's just, like, a market opportunity, man.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Soupbowl.gif space chowder Meatisotope.gif 5
Wine2.gif space wine Meatisotope.gif 5
Backcordion.gif antique accordion Meatisotope.gif 10
Spacetank.gif low-pressure oxygen tank Meatisotope.gif 10
Pill5.gif lucky pill Meatisotope.gif 20
Signaljammer.gif signal jammer Meatisotope.gif 25
Invadershield.gif space shield Meatisotope.gif 25
Wand.gif Wand of Nagamar Meatisotope.gif 30
Pixelkey.gif digital key Pixel1.gif 30
Keya.gif Boris's key Loottoken.gif 1
Keyb.gif Jarlsberg's key Loottoken.gif 1
Keyc.gif Sneaky Pete's key Loottoken.gif 1
Meatisotope.gif rare Meat isotope Meat.gif 1000
You have:
Meatisotope.gif A rare Meat isotopes
Pixel1.gif B white pixels
Loottoken.gif C fat loot tokens