Corrupted stardust

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corrupted stardust
corrupted stardust

We are all made of stars, they told you. What they didn't tell you is that this isn't always a good thing.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded
NOTE: Only one of these may be used per day.

(In-game plural: corrupted stardusts)
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Item number: 6408
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Obtained From

Pocket Square of Loathing

When Used

  • First item used per day:
You let the stardust dissolve on your tongue. The black light of N wretched stars suffuses your body.
You gain N Strengthliness.
You gain N Magicalness.
You gain N Cheek.
  • Attemping to use a second on the same day:
You've had enough exposure to the horrors of the uncaring universe today. Have a sleep, then you can gaze into the abyss again.


  • N is equal to your remaining adventures.
  • Item is consumed on use.


  • Prior to a trivial update on February 17, 2014, this item had no limit on how many times per day it could be used.


TOP 10 corrupted stardust collections
1. TechRat - 68 | 2. Pastahead - 60 | 3. Niktu - 52 | 4. Mistress of the Obvious - 21 | 5. Cobain Dougans - 19
6. Baltar - 17 | 7. sleepy G - 13 | 8. Ezandora - 11 | 9. DarkSpuddle - 8 | 10. StaticMan - 7
Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings