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The Xi Receiver Unit, and New-You Club Membership Form once fully spaded.

One of the "slots" provided exclusively by Mr. Store items is your correspondent, of which you can only have one at a time. There are currently only two possible correspondents in the game, but they merit a bit of strategic analysis anyway.

My Own Pen Pal Kit

The original correspondent. Your Pen Pal sends you one fixed item per day based on your mainstat and level. (We won't consider the aftercore-only items here, since you obviously won't get them during an ascension.)

Turn Efficiency

  • sticky gloves (Mox, L10+): Higher Pickpocket chance = more items = faster quests. This is a fairly marginal bonus.

Quality of Life

All items autosell for 200 or more Meat, which is a nice bonus at any point during a run.


  • This correspondent is vaguely themed towards quality-of-life. While rarely optimal, Pen Pal items will frequently make your run more pleasant.

GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card

The GameInformPowerDailyPro company sends you one magazine every day, regardless of your level or class. This magazine, in a roundabout way, unlocks scaling monsters (which scale up to 10,000 mainstat), and provides one dungeoneering kit at no turn cost.

Turn Efficiency

  • scaling monsters: If you can buff your mainstat to a high enough level, the video game dungeon can beat out Spookyraven zones for optimal Hardcore powerleveling. As a very, very rough rule of thumb, you want your buffed mainstat to be at least eight times your base mainstat, and ideally higher than that. This is often impossible for any class other than AT, who can create their +200% mainstat potion in Hardcore.
  • soft green echo eyedrop antidote: Specifically, getting one on day 1. This can enable various Olfaction strategies that are otherwise implausible.

Quality of Life

  • scroll of Protection from Bad Stuff: Helps in the A-boo Peak noncombats, among others. If your current path restricts your ability to get quest-necessary elemental resistance (i.e. Guano Junction), this can save turns.
  • scroll of Puddingskin: A minor survivability buff, but one that lasts for eighty turns.
  • (random dungeon drops): The food/booze drops and equipment, especially in later levels, can be very nice bonuses.
  • Video Game Boss drops: Tons of quality-of-life enchantments, a handful of minor turn-efficiency enchantments, and autosells for 2,000 Meat! Requires going through the entire dungeon, though.


  • The dungeon's ultimate reward of a fat loot token was a tempting prize when it was released, but with a Gelatinous Cubeling a single loot token takes only ~4 turns, making it less significant. It's still some free turns, however, if you use the entire dungeon for powerleveling.

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