Cornered Again!

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Cornered Again!
Cornered Again!

Once again, you find yourself backed into a corner of McMillicancuddy's barn, surrounded by a bunch of ducks.

This corner's a little more interesting, though -- there's a lit lantern next to a pile of hay, and a huge rusty bear trap hanging on the wall.

Got any ideas?

Knock over the lantern

You decide to make like Mrs. O'Leary's cow and turn McMillicancuddy's Barn into your own private Dresden.

It doesn't work, though. All you manage to do is spray flaming kerosene all over the ducks, who honk angrily and run off toward the Back 40 like their heads are on fire. Which they are.

(Opens The Back 40 for adventuring.)

Try to catch them in the beartrap

You spring into action, grab the beartrap off of the wall, and spend about twenty minutes trying to figure out how to get it set up.

The ducks get bored, and wander off toward the McMillicancuddy family plot in the hopes that the people buried there are more interesting than you are.

(Opens The Family Plot for adventuring.)

Occurs at McMillicancuddy's Barn (one time adventure).


  • You can only open one of the two areas.
  • If you are following the "shortcut" to Defowl the Farm, the correct choice at this adventure is "Knock over the lantern".